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In the online landscape where companies, businesses are “craving” for high-quality video content for advertising, media or building their brands’ identity, the demand for high-quality animated video production has sky-rocketed.


More specifically, with major brands and companies in Vietnam recently use animated videos as their media solutions, medium-size and small-size businesses have also been trying to catch up - by looking for video agencies that produce high-quality animated videos - as their production partners.


Using animated videos as a method of viral marketing is entirely possible if they are used appropriately. Check out this analysis article by DeeDee Animation Studio (in Vietnamese only) to better understand the viral marketing trend using animated videos in the next few years.


Before going into details, allow DeeDee Animation Studio to clarify some more about 2D animated videos.

What are 2D animated videos?

2D animation is a video production medium using animated images as its storytelling language. Differently from normal live-action videos, 2D animated videos entirely use illustrations that are artistic, beautiful, and visually engaging.


Unlike 3D animated videos where images are rendered from 3D modelling software, 2D animation keeps for itself a traditional quality - which is both unique and impactful in terms of storytelling and communicating ideas and messages, especially to younger audiences.

Who are 2D animated videos for?

2D animated videos can be used for multi-purposes, in different contexts, and targeting different groups of audience. In other words, it has unmatched flexibility and can be optimized based on the ideas and requirements of the producers. However, with its unique storytelling medium, 2D animated videos can truly shine when used appropriately.

Some of the following video types, if produced using 2D animation as their mediums, will bring significant business potential:

  • Animated advertising videos

  • Animated TVC (Television commercials)

  • Business introducing animated videos

  • Product introducing animated videos

  • Service introducing animated videos

Why produce 2D animated videos?

Using 2D animated videos as a media / advertising / marketing solution for businesses, companies will bring notable benefits, especially when compared to other forms of video production.

  • 2D animated videos usually have lower production costs compared to 3D animated videos or live-action videos.

  • 2D animated videos bring engaging visual experiences. They are unique, vibrant, and interesting. Moreover, they combine seamlessly traditional qualities and art.

  • 2D animated videos can easily create positive first impressions that are significantly effective in positioning a warm and friendly brand identity.

  • 2D animated videos can help businesses stand out of the crowd, being unique within an already saturated video marketing contest.


DeeDee Animation Studio's offers a turnkey solution, managing the production of your 2D animated videos from end to end, from pre-production, production to post-production, while ensuring to meet international standards at all stages.

With years of experience within the fields of animation, media, and television, DeeDee Animation Studio understands deeply the international production standard, and the requirements of publishing platforms, thus can ensure the quality of productions and satisfy our client's needs


Our pre-production service for animated videos includes:

  • Animation Concept development 

  • Visual asset designs (character design, world design) 

  • Animation Scriptwriting 

  • Animation Storyboarding

  • Animatic


Our production service for animated videos includes:

  • Layout and background painting

  • Animation Rigging 

  • Animation (creating motions, movements, and actions)

  • Compositing

  • Visual effects


Our post-production service for animated videos include:

  • Editing (finalizing the final cut)

  • Sound & voice

  • Music

  • Final output & delivery

  • Animation Poster design

  • Promotion


Professional pipeline

DeeDee Animation Studio provides full-service management of your animation projects, through all stages of production with a professional production pipeline. Supported by the best communication and management, our attentive quality assurance procedure ensures all of our animation productions are of the highest quality, and satisfy all of our clients' needs, down to the details.

Advanced infrastructure

Over the years, DeeDee Animation Studio has developed and maintained state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are equipped with the highest quality technology that can efficiently fulfill the needs of our productions. Our production pipeline is supported by the Emmy-winner ToonBoom, the programs used for tv and media productions by major animation studios and institutions worldwide.

Experienced workforce

DeeDee Animation Studio is a team of talented, experienced, and award-winning artists, animators, and storytellers. With several years of experience in producing both locally and internationally, we have a complete understanding of the animation industry. We put our partners as our priority and help them create animation productions of the highest quality. Learn more about our team.


Over the years, we have had developed our reputation within the media and animation industry with our outstanding animation production services. Thus, we have earned the trusts to produce animation projects for influential, industry-leading partners, both locally and internationally, such as:



Are you looking to produce a 2D animated video, and are finding a production partner? Contact DeeDee Animation Studio to be consulted by the Vietnamese animation and media industry experts. If this is the first time you are contacting an animation studio, check out our guide here to familiarize yourself with creating a brief (Vietnamese).

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'Free Fire' is an animation commercial video that DeeDee Animation Studio produced for Garena Vietnam in 2019, for the promotion of the mobile game Garena Free Fire. The video accumulated over 1 million views on YouTube only after one week upon its release.


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