Animated Short Film - Hand-drawn Animation (2019)


Project name: 'Broken Being: Prequel' (Tan The: Tien Truyen)

Intellectual Property

Format: Animated Short Film

Medium: Hand-drawn Animation

Duration: 15 minutes

Year: 2019


Broken Being - a fictional story concept, originally created by DeeDee Animation Studio, is a post-apocalyptic story world, where humans, clones, and machines fight for the survival of their own species. Within it, 'Broken Being: Prequel' short animation film was produced as an introduction to that rich fictional world, and was released by DeeDee Animation Studio in early 2019.

The story takes place within one of the many existing Tranquil Havens. The Tranquil Haven is seen by the ones occupying it as a peaceful village, a safe zone, under the protection of the Gods above.

The inhabitants of the village are kept here for generations, ignorant of what goes on in the world. They are intensively faithful to their Gods, practicing their religions through prayers, rituals, and festivals.

Elsewhere, a colossal structure can be vaguely seen above the horizon. Legends say it is Paradise - a place for Gods. Whenever someone passes away, their body is brought there, back to the higher beings who rule the village.


Grieving for his loving wife who mysteriously passes away, a loyal husband goes on a dangerous journey from his peaceful Tranquil Haven to find Paradise - the place of the Gods, in hope of reuniting with the love of his life.


‘Broken Being: Prequel’ is a story about losing the one you love. Sure enough, it is not something that can be easily accepted. In desperate moments, irrational decisions are made.

‘Broken Being: Prequel’ is a story about discovering the horrifying truths underneath it all, about waking up from lies and deceptions, about realizing things are not what they seem, about having your perception of reality shattered into pieces.