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'The Naught-Nice Business' is an animation series originally created by DeeDee Animation Studio in 2019, targeting general audiences. The project is currently under its production. DeeDee developed this project in its entirety from scripts to visual design, animation, and final composition with an international standard.

The show follows 3 demons running a business that provides sketchy services, helping solve magical problems of any shape and form.


Le Quynh Nhu


Project Manager​

Doan Thanh Van



Dang Hai Quang


Dang Hai Quang

Storyboard Artist

Doan Anh Kiet

Art Director

Ha Huy Hoang

Animation Director

Doan Anh Kiet

Head of Layout & Background

​Nguyen Ngoc Linh


Hoang Anh Viet


Music & Sound

​ Katana Records


​Doan Anh Kiet

Hoang Anh Viet

Nguyen Trung Long

Nguyen Tam

Nguyen Ngoc Anh Thu

Nguyen Phuong Hien

Le Tien Hai

Nguyen The Trung

Hoang Hong Ngoc

Nguyen Kim Anh

Pham Cong Nam

Le Mai

Layout & Background artists

​Nguyen Ngoc Linh

Bui The Phuong

Pham Trung Thanh

Nguyen Thu Giang

Nguyen Dang Binh

Technical Supervisor
Hoang Anh Viet


Graphic Designer

Nguyen Thu Giang



Intellectual Property

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