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What if a 12-year-old girl’s superhero artwork is turned into an animated film by a professional studio?

In 2019, UNICEF Vietnam hosted a contest named “Save the Planet”, in which children from 10 to 15 years old would create their own superheroes to prevent climate change. This was an opportunity to promote children’s creativity as well as helping them understand about climate change, natural disasters, and negative impacts they might suffer from them.

After two months with over 16000 submissions, the contest’s prizes were awarded to the outstanding contestants. Nguyen Ngoc Gia Han (12 years old) won the 3rd place with super hero Hai Moc Nhi – a descendant of the Dragon and the Immortal (“Con Rồng cháu Tiên”).

In 2020, UNICEF Vietnam collaborated with DeeDee Animation Studio to produce an animated film based on Hai Moc Nhi. DeeDee did not hesitate when asked to partner up, because this meaningful project conveyed the importance of the environment to children, and was created by children themselves.

 “Children are especially affected by environmental pollution. Together, we will have the power to change and ensure our future generations can grow up strong and healthy.”


Hai Moc Nhi is a fresh experience for DeeDee Studio in animation techniques. The animation’s rhythm and level of details are influenced by Japanese anime, while the coloring is influenced mostly by Western cartoons. This experiment brought forth some difficulties in the technical processing stage to the production team, which made production time longer than usual.


The character remains basically the same as Gia Han’s original script. DeeDee Studio only applied some artistic principles to help her ideas get conveyed more clearly to the audience.


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