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Client: Marcommate


"Marketing is like a devoted match-maker, who will treat your products and services as your children and bring them to the most appropriate customers." This is the message and vision that Marcommate, an exceptional marketing and communication entity in Vietnam's industry, wants to set as their ultimate objective as well as to bring it to their customers. 

The script was written by DeeDee Animation Studio. To demonstrate such an ambitious message, a well-made motion graphics video is not enough. Based on the customer's requirements, DeeDee has created an inspirational story about a "matchmaker" who will have to go through many challenges to bring the "princess" to the her "prince".


With the time limit of only 1 minute 30 seconds while still maintaining a story full of dramas, the rhythm of the video becomes really fast paced. The hero's obstacles appear unexpectedly, and can be solved quickly by many clever means. The story becomes more and more dramatic as it goes on, with every new challenge more dangerous and scarier than the last, and finally reaches the climax when the hero faces final boss.

As a marketing and communication organization, Marcommate operates in a variety of fields, and they can be pretty abstract. They all have to appear within a minute and a half of the script, and have to be presented in a clear and humorous way. That poses a pretty demanding task for DeeDee to takle. But with a supportive and understanding working spirit during the production , we've come to a very satisfying result:

- Creativity: This is expressed with the image of turning on a field of light bulbs, paving the way in a blinding hurricane, with several "brain-storms" floating above emmiting lightnings. The Facebook logo is also cleverly embedded into this scene, like a boat or a surfboard.

- Research and Strategize: Is shown as finding the way in a labyrinth. The hero also used Google glasses as well as the twitter bird to help him find the way.

- Hacker: Represented as rockstars wearing masks resembling certain well-known hacker group.

- Final Boss: Depicted as a ferocious monster, a combination of several media tools: Television, smart devices, satellite disks, etc, it controls an army of negative emoticons.

- The Super Hero - Our protagonist - the superhero is obviously designed as such. His armor consists of many communication items like the share button, wifi signal, the computer mouse, a camera,...

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