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About us​

DeeDee Animation Studio, as a member of BRIDEA., JSC, is an award-winning animation & cartoon production studio, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are known for our expertise in 2D animation production service, with experience in animated videos, animated films, animated series, educational videos, cartoons, TVC, and advertisements.

DeeDee Animation Studio is founded in 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam, from our passion for the art of animation and storytelling. Our team at DeeDee Animation Studio is a collective of young and passionate storytellers, artists, and animators that all share the same vision of bringing Vietnamese animation onto the world's stage.



Our animation production service includes a variety of genres:  animated series, animated films, animated TV commercials, animated music videos, and more..
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Excellent Project Management

Thanks to the optimized production process, DeeDee knows how to manage and keep our projects on schedule with the quality our customers look for.

DeeDee‘s management capability has been proven after several projects, from long-form animated series like The Silver Ion Squad, Honda - Fun with Traffic, etc. to the TVCs that require quick turnaround time like Bluezone, BKAV eHoadon, etc.


International Standard Pipeline

DeeDee Animation Studio offers a turnkey solution, managing the production of your animation projects from end to end, from pre-production, production to post-production, while ensuring to meet international animation standards at all stages.

Our production pipeline aligns with international standards of quality and security, using up to date and compliant technology: All of our projects are produced with the most advanced animation softwares: ToonBoom Harmony and ToonBoom Storyboard Pro. (Used by Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon,…)



Over the years, we have had developed our reputation within the media and animation industry with our outstanding animation production services. Thus, we have earned the trusts to produce animation projects for influential, industry-leading partners, both locally and internationally, such as:

Award and Achievement​