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KT Floor, Tower B, Sky City Building, 88 Lang Ha St, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam


(+84) 903 415 890



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Our Team

DeeDee Animation Studio - a team of creative artists, animators, and storytellers


Creating animation films requires a complex, demanding process. In order to make the magic of animation happens, we need our team of people, who all come from various backgrounds and are equipped with different skills, but all share the same passion for animation. Our animation "dream team" is a group of talented, experienced, and award-winning artists, animators, and storytellers, who all know how to collaborate creatively.



DeeDee Animation Studio has a talented team of artists that can visualize any story ideas into beautiful animation artworks. Our team of artists can deliver art directions, storyboarding, character designs, and background paintings with their skillful hand-drawing abilities.

DeeDee Animation Studio's team of animators can bring lives to the characters with their understanding of animation, motions, and actings. Our animators are supported by ToonBoom - an industry-standard animation program designed for professionals.


With a passion for creating and inspiring, DeeDee Animation Studio's team of storytellers is set on a mission to write stories that touch people's souls and leave lasting impacts. We are a team of researchers, writers, and creatives who never sets a limit on our imagination.



At DeeDee Animation Studio, we value the importance of team collaboration and shared learning, thus we make it a priority to constantly improve our skills and production capabilities. In early 2019, DeeDee Animation Studio holds a short-term learning course that focuses on cinematic directing, with the famous director and screenwriter Phan Dang Di as the instructor.

Have an idea for an animation project? Contact us to be consulted by our industry experts!