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Premiered in Summer 2022, Chimimo the anime series surely made an impression within the Japanese anime industry. Because among thousands of anime series being produced there every year, it‘s a rare thing to see one not an adaptation from a manga that could peak the interest of the audience opening day.
Chimimo is an anime series produced by Shin-Ei Douga - the studio that have made other popular animes like Crayon Shin-chan or Doraemon, in collaboration with famous artist Kanahei, in which DeeDee had a chance to participate in producing the animation for 6 over 12 of the episodes in season 1. Every episode is roughly 24 minutes per. The series tells the story of Jigoku and the Chimimos - demons from hell sent to Earth for an invasion, but when they arrive, their journey take a sharp turn when they meet the sisters Mutsumi, Hazuki, and Mei. With a gentle slice of life type of story, and adorable sense of humor, the series has quickly captured the love of young audience. Along with the series, hoards of merchandise based on the characters such as plush toys, key chains, stickers, etc. have been produced as well.
The series is being featured on 20 different streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, etc, as well as Japanese TV networks.



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