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DeeDee Company (under BRIDEA., JSC) is a Vietnamese animation studio founded in 2017 in Hanoi. Our animators are driven by passion and excitement to create unique, professional, and high-quality animation projects that match worldwide standards.

We generate a wide range of genres, including animated shows, TV commercials, music videos, short animated films, and so on. Customers have consistently appreciated DeeDee Studio's effort of creativity and attention to detail.

Our larger objective, in addition to performing 2D animation projects for our clients, is to disseminate the names of Vietnamese animators and the rich Vietnamese culture to the globe. We think that through creating independent animated projects immersed in Southeast Asian culture, we may assist foster global understanding, cohesiveness, and empathy.

The name "DeeDee," which sounds like "Đi Đi" in Vietnamese, meaning “Keep going”, perfectly symbolizes our passion and goal of never being satisfied with our existing achievements and continuously pushing ourselves to new heights. We are constantly committed to providing items that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also emotionally appealing and thought-provoking to viewers.

DeeDee Animation Studio is trusted by influential, industry-leading partners, both locally and internationally:




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