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At the end of 2019, DeeDee Animation Studio teams up with En Comics (a famous fictional character on social media) to produce an animated music video.​

This is the story of En at the final moments of the decade when it awaits to see the fireworks of New Year's Eve. But then, a stream of hallucinations occur, taking En on a trip where it gets to explore itself in multiple parallel realities. It turns out En fell asleep all along and missed the entire fireworks show.​

Based on the classic song "Em Bay Trong Dem Phao Hoa" (Han Ngoc Bich & Minh Ha), the music video is a parody where we express the absurdity and silliness of En's world through trippy visuals.​

The music video was released by DeeDee Animation Studio and En Comics on social media on 31st December 2019, right before the turn of the decade.


Collaboration with Én Comics

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