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The 2021 year-end offer” is a 2D animated TVC combined with live footage that DeeDee Animation Studio produced for K+ TV, the leading Vietnamese company in sports contents. This project aims to promote the special offer package for December from K+.
The highlight of this project is the combination of different mediums, with expressive movements done with the traditional hand-drawn techniques. The TVC has made a strong impression on viewers, helping convey the message.
The video has been released on several media platforms, including Youtube, Website, Facebook, etc. It has also become the opening sequence for various programs that have been and will be broadcast on K+ TV.

DeeDee Animation Studio collaborated with 6 Point Harness to produce the animated sequences for Netflix Documentary “How to Become a Mob Boss”.

Split across six episodes, this satirical docu-series presents a how-to guide for becoming a top mob boss, while simultaneously shedding light over the rise and fall of various mob bosses over the years. From Al Capone and John Gotti, to the notorious Pablo Escobar, some of the biggest names in the industry are explored.

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