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Thriller - Noir - Detective
These are the words best describe the series Interrogator from Warhammer - one of the most popular miniature wargames franchise within the boardgame community with a large fanbase (even Henry Cavill and Ed Sheeran are into this!), which has been released in May 2022.
Take a lot of inspiration from the classic film noir of early 1920s Hollywood, the series follows Interrogator Jurgen to find the truth behind a mysterious murder within this dark post-apocalyptic universe (yes, another post-apocalyptic world, which DeeDee seems to do a lot). With experience in producing international animated series and adult-oriented animated projects, Interrogator is where DeeDee could flaunt our strength. DeeDee collaborated with M2 Animation in producing a series where the artists had a lot of rooms for creativity, even though everything is in black and white.
The series is being featured exclusively on the streaming platform Warhammer TV+.




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