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KT Floor, Tower B, Sky City Building, 88 Lang Ha St, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam


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'DeeDee Animation Studio visualizes engaging stories with the beautiful language of 2D animation'.

DeeDee Animation Studio, as a member of BRIDEA., JSC, is an award-winning animation production studio, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. With several years of experience, both locally and internationally, we provide high-quality production services for 2D animation and cartoon projects, at the highest industry standard.




DeeDee Animation Studio provides full-service management of your animation projects, through all stages of production with a professional production pipeline. Supported by the best communication and management, our attentive quality assurance procedure ensures all of our animation productions are of the highest quality, and satisfy all of our clients' needs, down to the details.



Over the years, DeeDee Animation Studio has developed and maintained state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are equipped with the highest quality technology that can efficiently fulfill the needs of our productions. Our production pipeline is supported by the Emmy-winner ToonBoom, the programs used for tv and media productions by major animation studios and institutions worldwide.



DeeDee Animation Studio is a team of talented, experienced, and award-winning artists, animators, and storytellers. With several years of experience in producing both locally and internationally, we have a complete understanding of the animation industry. We put our partners as our priority and help them create animation productions of the highest quality. Learn more about our team.



We can create high-quality, professional animated videos of all types and formats, for all kind of purposes. We are here to solve your production problems. Read more.


DeeDee Animation Studio offers a turnkey solution, managing the production of your animation & cartoon projects from end to end, from pre-production, production to post-production, while ensuring to meet international standards at all stages.

Have an idea for an animation project? Contact us to be consulted by our industry experts!


Our animation portfolio comprises an array of projects from animated series, animated films, cartoons, explainer videos to animated music videos, which all clearly demonstrate DeeDee Animation Studio’s production capabilities.



Over the years, we have established an outstanding reputation in the animation and media industry, both in Vietnam and internationally. Our outstanding animation production services have earned the trusts from influential, industry-leading partners, such as: