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The world of gangsters (The Underworld)
Whenever the “gangsters” are mentioned, people usually relate them to martial arts masters with incredible skills who travel the world and intervene in conflicts, search for lost secret martial arts techniques, the mobs who commit horrific killings, creating endless grudges that last generations.
That‘s where the masters conceal themselves, hiding within humble disguises, living simple nomadic lives without wealth or power.
For ages, legendary authors such as Yin Jong, Gu Long, Liang Yusheng, Woon Swee Oan, Huang Yi... have written them that way.
But is that the truth?

Is it really a world without greed, where a nomad can drink all day for free, or where a clan that doesn’t really have anything else to do other than guarding the underworld?

What created the conflicts between the clans anyway?

Why were they fighting each other day after day?

So many people who do nothing, have no need of money, only go around and kill people all the time, thinking they‘re upholding “justice”, or to chase after the ultimate techniques. If these are the questions you’ve always had in your mind, then The Hero is your answer. This is a sarcastic comedic animated series that promises entertainment while painting a pretty ridiculous yet adorable world of martial arts.


Intellectual Property


After only 24 hours, Dai Hiep has gained more than 15.000 views on youtube with several positive feedbacks as well as the requests for more episodes. Currently, the series is being shown exclusively on the Dai Hiep Official youtube channel from DeeDee.

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