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Idina Menzel


Jaime Retrespo

In late 2019, DeeDee Animation Studio was invited to take part in the production of 'Christmas Just Ain't Christmas' animated music video, by a famous Colombian animation director Jaime Restrepo and producer Diana Buitrago. This is a song of the famous singer/actress Idina Menzel (the voice actress of Elsa in Disney's 'Frozen'), in her 2019 Christmas album 'A Season Of Love'.​

For DeeDee Animation Studio, we were highly intrigued by the challenge, not only because we earned the trust of such an influential client, but also because of how lovely the project is - from its story, character design, to its choices of colors.

To collaborate with a team from another side of the world is not an easy task. The communication was smooth due to the professionalism and the respect we have for each other. However, the true challenge lies in the difference between our timezones. Extra hours were put in to ensure the project is done in the highest quality and truly represents our production capabilities.​

"Christmas just ain't Christmas without the ones you love..." is the beautiful message that the multi-talented Idina Menzel sends to her fans. We connect deeply with it, as it inspires our creative production. 

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