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DeeDee Attended Annecy International Animation Film Festival

A man standing in front of the icon of the Annecy Festival event.

In June 2023, DeeDee Animation Studio attended the Annecy Animation Film Festival in Annecy, France. This is the world's largest event dedicated to animation, along with Mifa, the B2B section of the festival where animation industry professionals can meet. From exclusive presentations of the latest animated works to demonstrations of future trends, via meetings with directors and emerging talents, the Annecy Festival is an exciting celebration in an exceptional setting.

Moreover, the Mifa is the place to discover the richness and productivity of animation, meet all its players to exchange ideas, network and build new partnerships. The Mifa Pitches and Recruitment Sessions enable young creators to have a unique stage to connect with professionals and cement their projects. It was the very first time for DeeDee Animation Studio to be present at the Annecy Festival, and we made sure to get the best out of it!

DeeDee Animation Studio representative took a photo at Annecy Festival

The festival was a great opportunity for DeeDee Animation Studio to showcase its work and connect with industry professionals from around the world. Mr. Sylvain Grisollet, the studio's Business Development Director, met with over 30 existing and potential partners, including major studios, platforms, brands, and broadcasters, to discuss how we can help them bring their 2D-animated projects to life.

Mr. Grisollet was also given the chance to present our new fantasy series for kids aged 4-7, "Jelly's Bean", as part of the Southeast Asia Partner Pitches and received some very constructive feedback from the audience. Having these insightful and inspiring conversations with other Asian animation professionals is essential for DeeDee Animation Studio, as bringing the creativity and originality of Vietnamese animation to the forefront of the international scene is a real challenge. Every new encounter is a chance to learn and grow in order to achieve our goals.

The man presenting a product on a projection screen
Mr. Grisollet introduced DeeDee Animation Studio's new fantasy series for children aged 4-7, "Jelly's Bean”
A group of people taking pictures together.
The new product of DeeDee Animation Studio at The Mifa Pitches 2023 was well received.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the Annecy Animation Film Festival and Mifa, and found it to be a greatly rewarding event for DeeDee Animation Studio. The festival did not only give high visibility to the animation industry, but also highlighted the incredible diversity of this art form, giving studios and creators from all over the world the opportunity to bring their voices to the fore and make a name for themselves.


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