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DeeDee Attended MIPCOM (2022)

On October, 2022 DeeDee Studio attended the 38th International Co-Production & Entertainment Content Market (MIPCOM CANNES) in Cannes, France. This is the world’s greatest gathering of television and media professionals, with decision makers from over 100 countries attending to compete for new series, source international production partnerships and set the development agenda for 2022 and beyond. This year, DeeDee Studio was represented by Mr Sylvain Grisollet - the studio's Business Development Director - who was ready to share his insights on the company’s projects with other participants.

At MIPCOM CANNES, DeeDee Studio had the chance to connect with many professionals from around the world who shared their passion for creating content. As an animation studio, they wanted to meet people who were involved in similar projects or who could offer them advice on how best to move forward with their own projects. They met with potential partners—producers and other creatives—with whom they discussed potential collaborations and ideas for creating new projects together. It was also an amazing opportunity to learn from industry veterans about best practices when it comes to content creation and production.

As part of their time at MIPCOM CANNES, DeeDee Studio was given the chance to showcase some of their recent work, like "Broken Being: Prequel" or "The Hero series". During his meetings with various producers and distributors, Mr. Grisollet received overwhelmingly positive reactions about DeeDee’s creativity and innovation when it comes to creating original animated content for kids and families. Many of them were excited about the possibility of collaborating with DeeDee on future projects since they saw potential in both existing projects and upcoming ones that are still in development stage. This gave them a great platform from which to promote themselves as leading animation creators in South East Asia as well as providing valuable feedback from industry professionals who could help them improve upon their current works-in-progress. Not only that but it also gave them a better understanding of what kinds of shows viewers are looking for—and what kind of stories they want told—so that they can create more impactful content in the future.

One of the biggest opportunities presented by MIPCOM CANNES is establishing lasting partnerships between creatives around the world who share common goals and interests when it comes to content creation. Through these meetings and conversations at MIPCOM CANNES, DeeDee Studio was able to form relationships with producers and creatives that will benefit both parties going forwards into future projects or ventures together. In addition to this lasting professional connections being forged, many friendships were formed too—something that is invaluable when working across cultures on shared creative endeavors!

For DeeDee Studio attending MIPCOM CANNES was an incredible opportunity present itself on the global stage as one of South East Asia’s premier animation studios - not just showcasing their work but also forging valuable connections with industry professionals around the world . From making long-term partnerships to forming new friendships - DeeDee Studio left Cannes feeling inspired by all they had achieved - an experience that will no doubt influence all aspects of their creativity going forward!


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