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“Guardians of the Wild” is a campaign co-created by CHANGE and WildAid, another project that DeeDee Animation Studio is entrusted with by NGOs. 

Unlike other projects that we’ve done in the past in collaboration with UNICEF, Childfund, etc, which were mostly about protecting children, this is the first time we work on something about protecting an endangered animal species: The pangolins.

Despite being inspired by superhero stories to build up the seemingly invincible pangolins, the twist sends a chilling message: Even the super-pangolins are powerless against humans and are easily captured. Humans have always and still think of pangolins as some kind of miracle cure for illness, and neglect their role within the ecological balance.

This is a tragedy, but with an important impact from CHANGE, with one single goal: Raise awareness and change our view on the states of the pangolins in nature.

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