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VinFast, the pioneering electric vehicle brand in Vietnam, chose DeeDee Animation Studio to produce "VF3 : CREATE YOUR UNIQUE STYLE" a dynamic TVC crafted to spotlight the smallest electric car on the market today!

VinFast's vision was clear: spotlight the revolutionary design and superior performance of the VF3, allowing customers to experience its modern and unique style — all within a few short seconds.

To meet this ambitious goal, our production team daringly embraced a unique motion comic style. By skillfully blending creative camera angles with rapid cuts, we delivered a visually stunning experience. In just 30 seconds, we showcased all technical specifications with sharpness and flair, making it impossible for viewers to look away.

The impact was immediate. Just seven days after its launch, the TVC attracted over 130k views, an impressive figure that demonstrates the strong appeal of the product. This helped VinFast receive nearly 30,000 car orders just 66 hours after opening for sales!

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