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A Special Visit from Toon Boom to DeeDee Animation Studio
DeeDee Animation Studio had the pleasure of hosting a very special guest – Mr Daniel Santos, Director of Sales for EMEA & APAC at Toon Boom. Toon Boom is the leader in animation software, and it was an honor for DeeDee Animation Studio to receive such a visit from the company’s highly esteemed director.

During his visit, Mr. Santos met with the team at DeeDee Animation Studio to discuss their recent purchase of Toon Boom Harmony, and how they could best utilize the software to create high-quality animations. He emphasized how important it was for DeeDee Animation Studio to stay on top of trends and techniques in animation, so as to keep pace with the industry and stay ahead of competitors. It was clear that Mr. Santos had tremendous respect for the work that had already been done by DeeDee Animation Studio—and he wanted to ensure they had all the tools they needed to continue producing great animations with Toon Boom Harmony.

Toon Boom softwares is one of the most powerful animation software packages available today, and makes it easy for studios like DeeDee Animation Studio to produce stunning works of art quickly and efficiently. The software contains numerous features designed specifically for animators, including brush-based drawing tools, vector-based painting tools, a powerful rigging system for creating complex characters, lip sync capabilities for dialogue animations, and much more. With these tools at their disposal, it’s no wonder why DeeDee Animation Studio has decided to invest in Toon Boom Harmony—the possibilities are endless!

Mr Daniel Santos’ visit was truly an honor for DeeDee Animation Studio; not only did they gain valuable insight into how they can use Toon Boom Harmony more effectively but they also received recognition from one of the most respected names in animation software.

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