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How DeeDee Animation Studio Broke New Ground with 'Broken Being'
Founder and CEO, Mr Dang Hai Quang recently had the honor of being invited to VTV1’s Art and Culture Space talkshow to talk about ‘Broken Being’. The film features a unique blend of traditional Vietnamese folklore materials set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is making waves in the Vietnam animation industry. Let's take a look at what sets this movie apart from conventional animations.

When asked what inspired him to create such an impressive story, Quang responded that he was determined to break new ground by introducing Vietnamese heritage into a post-apocalyptic setting. He wanted to make sure that the story featured elements of traditional Vietnamese culture, so he devoted some time to researching local folklore and legends for references and ideas.

Quang also mentioned that storytelling was his primary focus when developing ‘Broken Being’; he wanted to tell stories that would move people emotionally, rather than relying on flashy visuals or gimmicks. To achieve this, he utilized symbolism as well as deep character development throughout the film, which gave viewers something emotionally resonant to invest in and relate to.

Thanks to its unique blending of traditional Vietnamese culture with an unusual post-apocalyptic backdrop, ‘Broken Being’ has been positively received by critics and audiences alike since its release earlier this year. It has even garnered international praise due to its special themes and compelling narrative structure—something that most animated films lack these days.

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