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Mr. Ha Huy Hoang, Co-Founder of DeeDee Animation Studio at the Symposium on the Image Creation Ecosystem in Vietnam
Mr. Ha Huy Hoang, Co-Founder and Representative of DeeDee Animation Studio participated in a seminar entitled “Symposium on the Image Creation Ecosystem in Vietnam”.
This symposium was an opportunity for attendees to learn more about how other countries have developed their own image creation ecosystems. In particular, presenters discussed how France and Germany have implemented strategies to create a vibrant visual arts industry by supporting small businesses while still encouraging creativity and innovation. This is something that could be easily replicated in Vietnam with some careful planning.
During his time at the symposium, Mr. Ha Huy Hoang shared his insights into how Vietnam’s image creation ecosystem could benefit from inspiration taken from France and Germany’s own successes within their respective industries. He pointed out that while it was important for Vietnamese animation studios to continue developing their artistry skills by learning from international trends like 3D animation or motion capture technology, they must also look towards creating their own stories that are uniquely Vietnamese. This would not only help them stand out amongst other global competitors but also serve as a source of pride for Vietnamese people all around the world.
It was an excellent opportunity to hear from various professionals working within this field while also gaining knowledge related to comics and digital imaging technologies that will prove beneficial moving forward into future business endeavors!

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