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DeeDee Animation Studio’s Invitation to the World Children’s Day 2020 Ceremony

Unicef Vietnam invited Mr. Dang Hai Quang - Founder of DeeDee Animation studio, and Mr. Ha Huy Hoang, Co-founder of studio to attend the ceremony of World's Children Day 2020 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event was dedicated to celebrating children’s rights and their well-being across the world. During the ceremony, Unicef Vietnam aired a short animated film called “Super Artist” that was produced by DeeDee Animation Studio.
Animation can be used as a powerful tool for social change by helping spread awareness about important issues facing society today—such as poverty or environmental conservation—in ways more traditional forms of communication often cannot do justice in conveying the same message effectively. Through animation such as films like “Super Artist”, we can gain insight into those living in different parts of the world and understand their struggles better—ultimately allowing us all to become more empathetic towards one another regardless of our differences or backgrounds.

By joining World's Children Day 2020 ceremony held in Hanoi this year, DeeDee Animation Studio proved its commitment towards utilizing its creativity responsibly while continuing its support towards UNICEF's mission of making sure every child reaches his/her full potential despite any constraints they may face along their journey. This is why at DeeDee Animation Studio we strive hard continuously so that every single project we do helps build better future for many generations ahead!

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