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An inside look at the Vietnamese animation industry with Ms. Le Quynh Nhu

On a recent episode of “Culture Space” on VTV1, manager of DeeDee Animation Studio Ms. Le Quynh Nhu was interviewed about the state of the animation industry in Vietnam and how it compares to the rest of the world. Ms. Nhu spoke about the opportunity that Vietnam has to become a major player in the global animation market, and the high quality of work that her studio is able to produce.

Ms. Nhu began by speaking about how the Vietnamese animation industry is still relatively young, but is rapidly growing thanks to the increasing demand for content from global markets. She noted that Vietnam has a number of advantages when it comes to producing animation, including a large pool of talented artists and a lower cost of production than many other countries. These factors have allowed DeeDee Animation Studio to produce high-quality work that has been well-received by audiences around the world.

Ms. Nhu went on to discuss the challenges that the Vietnamese animation industry faces, such as a lack of government support and a lack of understanding of the potential of animation among businesses and individuals. She also spoke about how DeeDee Animation Studio is working to overcome these challenges by collaborating with other studios and organisations in Vietnam and abroad.

The Vietnamese animation industry is still in its infancy, but it has great potential to become a major player on the global stage thanks to its low cost of production and large pool of talented artists. DeeDee Animation Studio is at the forefront of this growth, producing high-quality work that is gaining attention from audiences around the world. If the challenges facing the industry can be overcome, there is no doubt that Vietnam will be a major force in animation in years to come.

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