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DeeDee Animation Studio is one of the leading animation studios in Vietnam, and recently its manager, Ms. Le Quynh Nhu, took part in a discussion about production capacity and international cooperation trends in Vietnam’s animation industry. During the panel, she spoke about the lack of support from the government in terms of animation industry growth. She also discussed how DeeDee Animation Studio has managed to succeed despite these obstacles.
Ms. Le Quynh Nhu began her talk by noting that while the Vietnamese animation industry is growing steadily, there is still a lot of untapped potential that could be realized if the government were to provide more support for development and innovation. She noted that there are very few tax incentives or other subsidies available to help grow companies like DeeDee Animation Studio, which makes it difficult for them to compete with larger competitors who can take advantage of such incentives.

However, Ms. Le Quynh Nhu was quick to point out that DeeDee Animation Studio has been able to overcome these obstacles thanks to their strong focus on innovation and collaboration with partners around the world. For example, they have partnered with numerous international studios and companies throughout USA, Japan, Europe and Asia.

Ms. Le Quynh Nhu concluded her talk by emphasizing just how important it is for governments around the world—not just in Vietnam—to recognize the value that animation brings to society as a whole and provide adequate support for its growth across all industries so that everyone can benefit from its potential power and impact.

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