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Golden Kite Film Festival (2019)

Broken Being Makes History Winning the Kite Awards

The Kite Awards, presented by the Vietnam Film Association, is one of the most prestigious film awards in the country. In 2019, Broken Being made DeeDee's history when DeeDee Animation Studio won not only the Silver Kite Award for Best Animated Film but also the Golden Kite Award for Best Art of Film. Let’s take a deeper look at this momentous achievement.

The Kite Awards have been around since 1992 and recognize excellence in Vietnamese filmmaking. It is considered one of the most prestigious film awards in Vietnam and winning it is an honor that all filmmakers strive to achieve.

The success of Broken Being can be credited to its unique animation style with hand-drawn techniques to create a vivid and memorable image. In addition, its story was powerful enough to capture viewers’ attention and make them think about Vietnam's ancient culture from a different perspective.

Broken Being’s success at The Kite Awards demonstrates just how much potential there is in animation as a medium for storytelling and expressing ideas in innovative ways. This achievement proves that great stories and visuals can come together to make something truly special that will leave viewers thinking long after they have finished watching it.


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