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DeeDee’s Adventure in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment industry, became the vibrant backdrop for our animation studio's exhilarating journey from October 26th to November 4th. Packed with meetings, industry events, and the finest Californian treats, this trip was a whirlwind of creativity, collaboration, and, of course, some delicious burgers and burritos. On this trip, Mr. Sylvain Grisollet, the Business Development Director of DeeDee Studio, took the stage as our representative.

Forging Connections: Meeting with major industry players

From established partners like Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Animation, Sony Pictures Television Kids, Netflix, Apple TV+ to potential collaborators like Splash Entertainment, Duncan Studio,… the meetings were nothing short of inspiring. Discussions ranged from ongoing projects to exciting possibilities that lie ahead, reinforcing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling.

World Animation Summit: Learning from the Best

A highlight of our trip was the participation in the World Animation Summit, hosted by Animation Magazine. Panels featuring the industry's highest-profile directors, producers, writers, and business leaders provided invaluable insights. The exchange of ideas, trends, and future forecasts in the animation landscape fueled our passion and determination to stay at the forefront of this dynamic industry....

Creepy Creativity: Halloween with the Creators Society

Our visit coincided with Halloween, and we didn't miss the chance to celebrate in style. The Creators Society, led by the esteemed producer Eric Miller, hosted a spooktacular gathering. It was an evening of networking and spooky fun, allowing us to connect with fellow creators and industry insiders in a more relaxed setting.

Exploring the Creative Landscape: LightBox Expo and American Film Market

No visit to LA is complete without immersing oneself in its creative atmosphere. We took a detour to the LightBox Expo, where artists and creators converged to showcase their talents. The American Film Market provided us with a glimpse into the broader entertainment landscape, offering valuable perspectives beyond the realm of animation.

Feasting on California's Finest

Between meetings and industry events, we indulged in the culinary delights that California has to offer. From mouthwatering burgers to authentic burritos, every meal became a celebration of the local flavors that fuel creativity in the City of Angels.

Our journey in Los Angeles was more than just a business trip—it was an adventure that fueled our passion, expanded our horizons, and solidified our commitment to pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling. As we return to our studio, we bring with us not only the connections made and lessons learned but also the vibrant spirit of creativity that defines the animation industry in the entertainment capital of the world. Until next time, LA!


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