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DEEDEE x VTV3: Multicolored Vietnam (2023)

On August 17th, VTV3 visited DeeDee Animation Studio and filmed a report about the independent film "Broken Being: The Prequel" produced by DeeDee. The report was aired on the program "Multicolored Vietnam" at 21:30 on Friday, August 25th, 2023, on VTV3 channel, Vietnam Television.

Joining the interview, Mr. Quang Hai Dang, the film director, Mr. Hoang Huy Ha, the art director of the film, and Mr. Kiet Anh Doan, the animation director of the film, shared their experiences in the film production process. The stories about the inspiration behind the film, the construction of the setting, the characters of the film, etc., were detailedly shared by the them in the interview segment.

It can be seen that despite being released for 4 years, the marks and success of "Broken Being: The Prequel" are still recognized by experts in the industry as well as media agencies. Thanks, VTV3 for taking the time to research and directly come to the Studio for interviews, filming, and broadcasting the footage of "Broken Being: The Prequel" as well as about DeeDee Animation Studio.

Link to watch the program replay here.


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